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Vantaan Luontokoulu – Vantaa Nature school

Vantaa nature school is administrated by Vantaan ympäristöyhdistys, the environmental association of Vantaa, and financed by the board of education of the city of Vantaa. Established in 1991, Vantaa Nature school was the first Finnish speaking nature School in Finland.

The nature school is a nature educational center which

  • Educates foster classes from schools and kindergartens in Vantaa municipal
  • Arranges courses with various nature themes for all interested and as a complimentary to the environmental education in schools

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Vantaa Nature school is situated about 20 km northeast of Helsinki in the small village of Sotunki in eastern Vantaa. The school operates in a century-old former village school, which was renovated using volunteer work in 1992 to match the needs of the nature school. The teaching takes place outdoors as the area provides excellent and wide forests to be used for environmental education.

The nature school staff consists of two teachers who take care of teaching, administration, maintenance, cleaning and other work in the school. There are also volunteers and trainees who participate in the work from time to time.

More information about the nature school activities in Finland can be found at

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